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Places to Stay in Stirling and The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park..... offers many types of accommodation and here we have listed the various types available in Scotland and what you can expect if you book that accommodation. The information is meant as a guide only as there may be some exceptions that apply to an individual accommodation provider.

Accommodation can be graded by Visit Scotland with a number of stars from 1 to 4 and this reflects on the level of comfort and facilities on offer and has some bearing on the price range, but this is not a rigid pricing policy as you may find in other countries as each accommodation provider is free to set the price you pay.

To help find suitable accommodation we have a FREE Accommodation Finder below where you can search for accommodation in any location in The National Park and e-mail the providers directly from this website. They will respond directly to you to confirm availability and the price for your stay.


Find Accommodation in The Trossachs and Loch Lomond

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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast accommodation A Bed and Breakfast or B and B is the offer of a room and breakfast in someone's home. What makes a B&B interesting is the Full Scottish Breakfast offered every morning. However, the service can vary and some B&Bs only offer a continental breakfast. The room can be in someone's home, a farm, or castle and breakfast is usually always included in the price of the room.
Bed and breakfast can be ungraded or have between 1 and 4 Stars given by Visit Scotland. Prices are varied according to the grade but should usually be much cheaper than a hotel room of the same size.


Self catering Accommodation

Self Catering and holiday cottages If you prefer a more spacious accommodation than a hotel room, self-catering might be the right choice for you. A self-catering accommodation provides sitting and living area, kitchen, bedroom(s) and bathroom(s). Usually a self-catering accommodation is rented at least for a week but this is not always the case. Some holiday cottages can be also rented for a short break of a few nights. Self-Catering properties are usually equipped with all kitchen and laundry facilities necessary. In most cases the self-catering accommodation has a TV and all the comforts of home. A daily room service, restaurant facilities or staffed reception are usually not provided. You are required to buy your own food, drinks, toiletries, and other supplies. Holiday homes can be graded by Visit Scotland from 1 to 4 Stars and the weekly rental reflects the grade and quality of accommodation.



Hotels in The Trossachs The Hotels in The Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park vary in size, service offered and cost. You can choose between basic rooms with a bedroom only or luxurious suites with separate (en-suite) bathroom and mini-bar. You will find family run hotels as well as conference and resort hotels managed by well-known international companies. Many hotels are even specialized in popular activities such as golf, whisky tasting, fitness, hiking and many more. Some hotels also function as wedding or conference venues and offer all facilities necessary for a successful event. Hotels can be graded by Visit Scotland, the National Tourist Association, or by other organisations according to the standard of facilities offered. Unlike in other parts of Europe, hotels have no universal grading system for regulating quality and price.


Traditional Inns with Rooms

Inns are pubs with rooms to let An Inn is a place where you can get food and drinks as well as lodging. In Scotland an Inn is often a pub or alehouse that offers accommodation. In contrast to other accommodation types, the main focus of an Inn is not only the accommodation itself but the food and drinks offered. The pubs in Scotland have different opening times than in England, they are usually open from 11am to Midnight and on Fridays and Saturdays may be open longer. Food may be served all day or at specific times and its normal for food service to stop around 9pm so always wise to book ahead during the holiday season. An Inn can be described as a small hotel or guesthouse often with a traditional charm. Sometimes breakfast or evening meal may be included in the room price but always check this.


Campsites and Holiday Parks

Campsites for tents, campervans and caravans Camping is a great option if you want to explore the National Park as backpacker, by bicycle or even by canoe. There are many campsites within the National Park run by the Forestry Commission or privately run. The Camping and Caravan Club also has many campsites listed in the area. Many outdoor activities can be well combined with camping. Some examples are hiking, cycling, mountaineering, survival training, orienteering and canoeing. Also those who just want to spend some days together as a group should consider this option. Especially during festivals such as the Highland Games, camping is an excellent experience. Best not to watch the weather forecast and just enjoy the outdoors! It has become a trend that some Holiday Parks do not accept tents any longer, only caravans and motorhomes.


Hostels and Bunkhouses

Hostels are great for groups and walkers Hostels and bunkhouses belong to the most basic accommodation types. Hostels and bunkhouses offer a bed and usually shared kitchen facilities. Hostels are a popular accommodation type for youth groups and are available for relatively low prices. You can find independent hostels and bunkhouses as well as internationally known hostels run by The Scottish Youth Hostel Association. There are a number of hostels to choose from along the route of The West Highland Way and the Rob Roy Way, two popular long distance paths that run through the National Park.


Timeshare Apartments

Timeshare apartments A Timeshare is real estate ownership which is shared by a number of owners who usually have no relation to each other. This allows owning a holiday home for a specific (fixed week) or flexible period of time (floating system). Usually you pay once for the right to stay in a time share in perpetuity plus an annual service fee. Many owners do not take up their option so its possible to get a bargain for a particular week or short break by contacting the resort directly or through an agent. We have a timeshare page that has some local information for checking this option out.


Farmhouse Accommodation

Farmhouses can offer bed and breakfast and self catering accommodation A farmhouse is an ideal accommodation choice for a family or a large group. You can stay in idyllic locations and at the same time spend less money than staying in a hotel. Some farmhouses offer bed and breakfast and others have self contained accommodation for rent. Most farmhouses in the National Park are surrounded by nature including lochs, mountains, rivers and woodlands making them an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts. Farmhouses may be on a working farm so check if there are any restrictions on bringing pets and if they are child friendly.


Campervan and Motorhome Hire

Campervans and motorhomes are a great way to discover Scotland One of the easiest and still comfortable way to explore the outdoors of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is by Campervan or Motorhome. You can decide which places to visit, when to visit them and even change your route easily if you want to add another place of interest to your route. This gives you the greatest flexibility while spending your holiday in Scotland. For information on hiring a Campervan or Motorhome then visit this page. A Campervan is equipped with everything you need. Usually there is at least one double bed, a dining area, a bathroom with shower and toilet as well as a kitchen area where you can cook your own food. Most campervans or motorhomes sleep 2 - 6 persons and are available to hire for a weekend or longer periods.